Airy Hope



Holla People,

I am somebody who loves singing and dancing.I literally survive on these two.I want to party as much as I can. My excitement went up to the highest cloud in the sky when I heard Dj skirllex was coming to Mumbai. I chose this outfit , got everything set when my dad told there was a marriage in my family that I can’t miss.Yeah that excitement dropped from level 1000 to 0 really quick.



Soon after this ,I heard Dj Snake was coming.I had my hopes high again and got happy about finally wearing this outfit and having a great time with my friends.As the dates were out I realised it was on Bhai Dooj and I again can not to go . Sadness. . .



Still , I shot in this look. I chose this square cut shirt with tricolour sequin along with a very old school denim skirt that I bought few years back.Both went along pretty well as both have a faded look to it.I thought of carrying  this bag as it is very spacious and convenient to carry.Along with this I wore these shiny brogues.Shoes because heels got no right to ruin my party.

Shirt and brogues – Koovs ; Skirt- Globus; Bag-Avantgarde.

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Shirt and brogues – Koovs Skirt- Globus Bag-Avantgarde