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Styling This Winters

          Winters In India are not very cold.But I still can’t get enough of the furs and the turtle necks. Its difficult to build up a look which is not overdone according to the weather and yet fulfils my desire to flaunt the winter style. S...
Untitled design (2)


December Already

      Holla People  It’s December already and I have no clue where this year flew. It has been a great year for me in terms of my work and I am looking forward for 2017.As much as I am happy about how this year treated me, I have the equal amount of curiosity to ...

Skirts With Pockets

      Holla People  I am having a great time working and I think its quite evident through the no. of blog posts and my constant presence on all my socials. I am finally on Twitter. I don’t know if I will have much different to talk about, but I still am ...

The Party Shows Topper

    Holla People Selecting outfits for unusual events is always a task. I always hop from one outfit to another, mixing and matching, trying tons of dresses at stores all over the town to get that one look on point. It happens very rarely that you experience a surg...

Airy Hope

Holla People, I am somebody who loves singing and dancing.I literally survive on these two.I want to party as much as I can. My excitement went up to the highest cloud in the sky when I heard Dj skirllex was coming to Mumbai. I chose this outfit , got everything set when my dad ...