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The new collection at SwishBoss i.e. The Festino Collection is here and it’s only growing on me ever since I first looked at the final output. The look I am about to deconstruct involves one of my favourite dresses in The Festino Collection. Of all the other things, the fact that it’s an off shoulder dress works perfectly for me. There’s something about off shoulder dresses that always draws me towards them. Maybe it’s my thing. But apart from being off shoulder, this dress is tasteful, classy and goes completely with my preference. So let’s dive in and deconstruct this look:


The Colour

The festivals in India bring a notion of newness along with them. As if things after the festival hit a reboot button and it’s all new and fresh. The Pastel Peach colour of this dress gave me a similar vibe and my instincts got me to pick this one up for this look. It’s not loud and feels quite pleasant and easy on the eyes.

The Sleeves

Since the colour is not eye catching enough, it’s the design of this dress that does that job for me. Keeping festive season in mind, I ensured that its design and detailing is slightly over the top. This ensured that it looks above a regular dress that we generally wear and has a vibe of being ‘special’ to it. The sleeves of this dress in particular steal the show like a boss.

The Handwork

When it comes to designing the look, I always try to maintain the balance. When I had to choose the handwork for this dress and look, I decided to keep it graceful and classy. This particular handwork balanced out the loudness of sleeves and design, giving the dress a ‘complete’ feeling.

The Hair

 I was very clear that I don’t want my hair straight and simple. It’s festive time and I wanted my hair to look slightly different. After considering many options, I decided to simply give my hair some curls. It blended perfectly with the look and also kept the festive theme of something new and different intact.


The overall feel of the look turned out good, giving me another beautiful memory of putting a look together and also, deconstructing it here for all of you. Do let me know what you think and how you would have done it differently.


Stay Swish

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