Oozing Royalty










When I got ready and looked myself in the mirror wearing this look, the first thing that occurred to me was, “I am so going to write about this one!”

A lot of times, while working on a specific look, you imagine a lot and work towards manifesting that imagination. Once in a while, the look turns out even better than what you were set out to achieve. For me, this particular look was definitely one of them. That’s one big reason why I chose to deconstruct and write about this one in particular. So let’s dive into this super royal look that I managed to put together few days back.

The Colour

When you’re looking for ‘The Royalty Factor’ in your look, nothing works for it like white colour does. If you’ve noticed, the base of this dress is white all the way. I was very clear from the beginning that I needed bright, glowing kind of white to ensure that it’s slightly eye catching and blends perfectly with the colour of embellishments.

The Gold

When we talk royalty, gold has to be inevitable part of it. If I had limited this one to only white, the look definitely would have felt incomplete. I needed something on the white to enhance the appearance and overall feel of it. The golden embellishments added enough charisma for the look to rock the party. If the white sets up the tone of this look, the golden bling on top of it is what does the jazz.

The Heels

Usually, when I am wearing gowns, I don’t care much about the heels. However, the length of this particular gown was a little tricky. I knew that the heels in this one would be visible and therefore, I picked a pair of geometrical cut out heels for this particular look. The heels had rose gold shine on them and that blended perfectly with the embellishments and added more grace to the overall look.


The end result was satisfying and had all the right feels that I was looking for. Do let me know what you think about this look and what different you would have done.


Stay Swish !

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Gown - Swish Boss

Bag - Gucci

Heels - Steve Madden